Java trends - top 25 most creative developer in April 2014

Java Duke with spheres.

We reviewed authors of 29403 Java projects to find out who contribute to various open source projects. Interested in full ranking - contact us.
  1. Timo Vesalainen
    • RSS Helper Library RSS Helper Library
    • GPX Helper Library GPX Helper Library
    • KML Helper Library KML Helper Library. KML jaxb binding is build from attached xsd files. Couldn't recompile it with jaxb2-maven-plugin.
    • Datastore SQL Engine Datastore SQL engine (DSQL) for Google appengine datastore. DSQL extends gae datastore in implementing local joins between datastore kinds as well as providing local filtering for unindexed properties. DSQL uses familiar sql-syntax. SQL joins are optimized using datastore statistics. It is assumed that datastore schema is designed like relational db. However parent/child relationships are supported. Also supported are special datatypes in package com.google.appengine.api.datastore like Email, Phonenumber, ...
    • Java Lookahead Parser Generator Extension Syntactically extended parsers for regex, bnf, ...grammars
    • Byte Code Compiler Byte Code Compiler
    • Hoski Weblib HoskiWebapp is a java web application in Google App Engine
    • Utility parsers Parsers using javalpg
    • NMEA Parser NMEA Parser parses NMEA (including AIS) messages.
    • Java Lookahead Parser Generator Java Lookahead Parser Generator. Generator produces LALR(k) parsers. Grammar rules are entered using annotations. Rule annotation can be attached to reducer method, which keeps rule and it's action together.
    • Hoski Admin Hoski Admin is a java application in remote connection Google App Engine. Application is used for sailing clubs back office work.
    • Hoski lib HoskiWebapp is a java web application in Google App Engine
    • Mail Blog Google Appengine application for blog site. Blog authoring is done by sending email. The same appengine site can run several blog-sites using different namespaces.
  2. Yegor Bugayenko
    • jcabi jcabi is a set of useful open source Java components. More details you can find at www.jcabi.com.
    • java-sdk Stateful Web Primitives
    • rexsl RESTful Java web framework on top of JAX-RS, JAXB, and XSL.
    • netbout Persistent Communications Online
    • phandom PhantomJS Java DOM builder
    • xembly Assembly for XML
    • requs Requirements Definition and Query Language (requs).
    • qulice Quality control library, integrating together other static analysis and validation tools and instruments.
    • parent Parent POM.xml with most oftenly used pre-configured features
  3. Eiichiro Uchiumi
    • Acid House Acid House is a generic NoSQL Java client library can be performed on JDK 7 Java platform
    • Ash
    • Jaguar Jaguar is an "Inversion of Control" pattern based micro component framework
    • Bootleg Java Web Components
    • Reverb Effective Utilities
    • Gig Gig is a Java application assembler including the best of breed full-stack runtime and toolkit
    • Gig Shell
    • Gig Heroku Heroku service components.
  4. Joshua Shinavier
    • RDFAgents Real-time messaging for the Semantic Web
    • Extendo Extendo Project
    • Frames: An Object to Graph Framework Frames is a framework for exposing the elements of a Blueprints graph as Java objects. Instead of writing software in terms of vertices and edges, with Frames, software is written in terms of domain objects and their relationships to each other.
    • Blueprints: A Property Graph Model Interface Blueprints is a property graph model interface. It provides implementations, ouplementations, test suites, and supporting utilities.
    • SPARQL-OSC SPARQL-to-OSC connector for Java
    • TwitLogic Real-time #SemanticWeb in <= 140 chars
  5. Thomas Rudin
  6. Kristoffer Sjogren
    • graphene Simple Persistence Framework.
    • streamql Predicate and ordering for java.util.stream.Stream using a minimal query language.
    • vals Build immutable value objects from interfaces
    • launcher Simple launcher bootstrap for Java applications
    • graphene Simple Persistence Framework.
    • tools4j-cli tools4j-cli provide an api for creating java based command line interfaces.
  7. Matt T. Proud
  8. Martin Desruisseaux
    • Apache SIS utilities Miscellaneous utilities.
    • Apache SIS profiles Group of modules for extensions specific to some organizations or countries.
    • Apache SIS referencing Implementations of Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS), conversion and transformation services derived from ISO 19111.
    • Apache SIS common storage Provides the interfaces and base classes to be implemented by various storage formats.
    • Apache SIS build helper Define Maven Mojos and Javadoc taglets for generating resource files or formatting the Javadoc. While any project could use it, this module is primarily for internal use by Apache SIS and may change in any future version.
    • Apache SIS console Console application.
    • Apache SIS NetCDF storage Bridge between NetCDF Climate and Forecast (CF) convention and ISO 19115 metadata.
    • Apache SIS Apache SIS is a free software, Java language library for developing geospatial applications. SIS provides data structures for geographic data and associated metadata along with methods to manipulate those data structures. The SIS metadata module forms the base of the library and enables the creation of metadata objects which comply with the ISO 19115 metadata model and which can be read from or written to ISO 19139 compliant XML documents. The SIS referencing module will enable the construction of geodetic data structures for geospatial referencing based on the ISO 19111 model such as axis, projection and coordinate reference system definitions, along with the associated operations which enable the mathematical conversion of coordinates between different systems of reference. The SIS storage modules will provide a common approach to the reading and writing of grid coverages applicable to simple imagery as to many dimensional data structures.
    • Apache SIS French profiles Extensions to ISO-19115 metadata mandated by the French government.
    • Apache SIS core modules Group of modules providing the core of Apache SIS services: metadata, referencing, geometry, feature, coverage, rendering.
    • Apache SIS storage Group of modules for reading and writing data from/to various storages. Storages are typically file formats or a database schemas.
    • Apache SIS metadata Implementations of metadata derived from ISO 19115. This module provides both an implementation of the metadata interfaces defined in GeoAPI, and a framework for handling those metadata through Java reflection.
  9. Lincoln Baxter, III
  10. Marko A. Rodriguez
  11. Jakub Jirutka
  12. Todd Fredrich
  13. Markus Wolf
    • node.js Bridge node.js Bridge is a inter-process communication bridge between the bundled node.js and the executing JVM.
    • smaller-config smaller-config is a unified config file format for smaller and smaller-dev-server. The file format could be json or yaml.
    • VFS VFS is a virtual file system wich features mounting of other filesystems inside. This could be anything which is iterable in a tree-like structure.
    • Smaller Node Plugin Builder This Maven Mojo creates smaller plugins based on npm-modules for node.js
    • Smaller Smaller is a minification library. It could be embedded as servlet, OSGi bundle or be used from ant or maven. Currently it supports CoffeeScript, Google Closure-Compiler, UglifyJs, LessJs, CssEmbedd and YUICompressor.
  14. Jeanfrancois Arcand
  15. Andrea Funtò
  16. George Gastaldi
  17. Kohsuke Kawaguchi
  18. Stephen Samuel
  19. Felix Schulze
  20. Sanne Grinovero
  21. Thomas Broyer
  22. Marek Parfianowicz
  23. Daniel Fernandez
  24. Hovan Yoo
  25. Harald Wellmann


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