Java trends - Top 100 biggest poms in May 2014

We reviewed pom files of 28522 projects to find the beast - biggest, "heaviest" one. Project with the biggest size of pom.xml file. Interested in full ranking - contact us
Heavy loaded java duke cartoon.
  1. 292 KB Grandparent POM for Apache Lucene Core and Apache Solr Grandparent POM for Apache Lucene Core and Apache Solr
  2. 290 KB WildFly: Parent Aggregator WildFly: Parent Aggregator
  3. 143 KB Fabric8
  4. 106 KB ApSeMedicalServicesAdapterIC-Schemas
  5. 106 KB Camel :: Parent Camel Parent POM
  6. 102 KB SwitchYard The parent for SwitchYard modules
  7. 98 KB liveSense :: Features :: Karaf Features liveSense features
  8. 93 KB ModeShape Parent ModeShape is a JCR repository implementation with support for federation and sequencing.
  9. 91 KB Apache CXF Parent Apache CXF Parent POM
  10. 89 KB RHQ RHQ is a server management and monitoring suite primarily targeted at JBoss software.
  11. 83 KB JBoss Integration Platform BOM Bill Of Materials for SwitchYard, Drools, OptaPlanner, jBPM, Overlord, ...
  12. 82 KB Rice The Kuali Rice effort provides an enterprise class middleware suite of integrated products that allows both Kuali and non-Kuali applications to be built in an agile fashion, such that developers will be able to react to end-user business requirements in an efficient and productive manner, so that they can produce high quality business applications.
  13. 82 KB WildFly: Build
  14. 79 KB Infinispan Common Parent Infinispan common parent POM module
  15. 79 KB nazgul-tools-parent Nazgul Framework: nazgul-tools-parent
  16. 76 KB HBase Apache HBase™ is the Hadoop database. Use it when you need random, realtime read/write access to your Big Data. This project's goal is the hosting of very large tables -- billions of rows X millions of columns -- atop clusters of commodity hardware.
  17. 76 KB Apache Marmotta Parent Parent POM for the Apache Marmotta project
  18. 76 KB parent Parent POM.xml with most oftenly used pre-configured features
  19. 75 KB barchart-archon barchart-archon
  20. 74 KB Kill Bill OSS Parent Parent pom for Kill Bill projects
  21. 72 KB Apache Isis Core Core framework, providing metamodel, runtime and core APIs. Also defines standard build process, as well as standard set of 3rd party dependencies (eg for testing and logging frameworks).
  22. 67 KB Mavenpom Ancestor of all projects of Code Lutin
  23. 66 KB Pom dependency management Dependencies version for the entire Osgiliath submodules
  24. 64 KB uPortal Parent The root project definition for the uPortal project.
  25. 63 KB Continuum :: Project
  26. 62 KB Kuali Foundation The Kuali Foundation is an umbrella organization that helps manage the Kuali software community
  27. 61 KB Apache OpenEJB Apache OpenEJB is an open source, modular, configurable and extendable EJB Container System and EJB Server.
  28. 61 KB jersey Jersey is the open source (under dual CDDL+GPL license) JAX-RS 2.0 (JSR 339) production quality Reference Implementation for building RESTful Web services.
  29. 59 KB Apache Stanbol Parent Parent POM for the Apache Stanbol project
  30. 59 KB ActiveMQ :: Unit Tests The ActiveMQ Message Broker and Client Unit Tests
  31. 59 KB OpenEngSB :: Root Contains the root information for all OpenEngSB projects.
  32. 58 KB liveSense (Parent) The parent project for liveSense
  33. 58 KB airbase Base POM for Airlift
  34. 57 KB ActiveMQ
  35. 56 KB Hibernate Search Aggregator Hibernate Search Aggregator POM
  36. 55 KB RichFaces Root Parent This is the root parent for the richfaces project that is released with the project, and contains pluginmangement, and common testing dependency management elements.
  37. 55 KB 1-and-1 :: FOSS parent pom Parent POM for 1-and-1 open source projects. Defines oftenly used dependencies as well as plugins and their versions.
  38. 53 KB de.agilecoders.maven:maven-parent-pom parent pom for all AgileCoders projects
  39. 51 KB Apache Tobago The goal of Tobago is to provide the community with a well designed set of user interface components based on JSF and run on MyFaces.
  40. 50 KB OfficeFloor Parent OfficeFloor
  41. 49 KB XWiki Commons - Parent POM A collaborative development platform runtime based on the wiki paradigm
  42. 49 KB primefaces
  43. 49 KB Fedora Commons 4 Parent project for Fedora Commons 4
  44. 48 KB SonarQube Open source platform for continuous inspection of code quality
  45. 48 KB Hibernate OGM Aggregator Hibernate OGM Aggregator POM
  46. 48 KB PatternTesting Parent PatternTesting-Parent is the parent of the PatternTesting family. The goal of PatternTesting is to verify Architecture/Design recommendations and to write better code more easily. It uses AOP and AspectJ to perform this feat.
  47. 47 KB elasticsearch Elasticsearch - Open Source, Distributed, RESTful Search Engine
  48. 47 KB Errai Errai is a GWT-based framework for building rich web applications using next-generation web technologies.
  49. 46 KB BroadleafCommerce BroadleafCommerce Top Level Project
  50. 45 KB Minium - Parent
  51. 44 KB facebook-oss-pom Parent POM for Facebook open source java projects that should be distributed through the central Maven repository using oss.sonatype.org
  52. 44 KB Hudson Hudson Continuous Integration Server
  53. 43 KB Spring IO Platform bill of materials Spring IO Platform bill of materials
  54. 43 KB Infinispan Server - Test Suite
  55. 43 KB Zanata Parent POM Parent pom for Zanata modules
  56. 42 KB RHQ Enterprise Server EAR RHQ enterprise server EAR
  57. 42 KB org.ocpsoft.rewrite:rewrite-parent
  58. 41 KB Spring Boot Dependencies Spring Boot Dependencies
  59. 41 KB SciJava Projects SciJava aims to provide an overview of available Java libraries for scientific computing. This POM provides a parent from which participating projects can declare their build configurations. It ensures that projects all use a compatible build environment, including Java version, as well as versions of dependencies and plugins. Projects wishing to use pom-scijava as a parent project need to override the , , , , , and the sections.
  60. 41 KB JSF2 Portlet Bridge for a portlet environment, parent pom
  61. 41 KB Kuali Common This pom contains Maven configuration (plugins, profiles, executions, etc) that assists with the building, testing, publishing, and releasing of Kuali Foundation software.
  62. 41 KB GW-Systems Maven Parent Parent POM for GW-Systems projects. Provides default project build configuration.
  63. 41 KB Modules Subsystem Generic Modules subsystem
  64. 40 KB Netty Netty is an asynchronous event-driven network application framework for rapid development of maintainable high performance protocol servers and clients.
  65. 39 KB RHQ JBossAS 7.x Plugin a plugin for monitoring and managing JBoss AS 7.x and JBoss platforms based on it (e.g. JBoss EAP 6.x)
  66. 39 KB Camel :: Web Camel Web Application with REST support
  67. 38 KB cedarsoft Open cedarsoft Open Projects
  68. 38 KB Juzu Web Framework The Juzu Web Framework
  69. 37 KB Apache jclouds Project Apache jclouds: Concurrent API for Cloud Services
  70. 37 KB phloc dev parent POM Generic phloc parent POM for Java 1.6 applications
  71. 37 KB ModeShape BOM for embedded usage Bill of Material (BOM) for embedding ModeShape within JavaSE apps, libraries, and (non-EAP) web apps
  72. 37 KB Apache jclouds Project Apache jclouds: Concurrent API for Cloud Services
  73. 37 KB RHQ Server JAR Integration Tests RHQ enterprise server JAR integration tests
  74. 37 KB KIE Workbench - Webapp KIE Workbench - Webapp
  75. 36 KB Hive
  76. 36 KB RHQ Enterprise Server JAR RHQ enterprise server main JAR
  77. 36 KB Neo4j Server Standalone Neo4j server application.
  78. 35 KB JaCoCo JaCoCo - Java Code Coverage Library
  79. 35 KB HtmlUnit A headless browser intended for use in testing web-based applications.
  80. 35 KB Metawidget Metawidget is a smart User Interface widget that populates itself, either statically or at runtime, with UI components to match the properties of your domain objects.
  81. 35 KB Jackrabbit JCR-RMI JCR-RMI is a transparent Remote Method Invocation (RMI) layer for the Content Repository for Java Technology API (JCR). The layer makes it possible to remotely access JCR content repositories.
  82. 35 KB objectos :: parent parent pom.xml for objectos projects
  83. 35 KB org.sonatype.nexus:nexus-oss
  84. 35 KB Apache Any23 Anything To Triples (any23) is a library, a web service and a command line tool that extracts structured data in RDF format from a variety of Web documents.
  85. 35 KB Library POM Library POM
  86. 35 KB Arquillian Persistence Extension Aggregator Arquillian Persistence Extension Aggregator
  87. 34 KB Marketcetera Public Sources Parent POM The root of Marketcetera public sources.
  88. 34 KB Fabric8 :: Binary Distribution
  89. 34 KB Struts 2 Apache Struts 2
  90. 34 KB Spark Project Parent POM
  91. 34 KB Hazelcast Root Hazelcast In-Memory DataGrid
  92. 34 KB hawtio-web hawtio :: hawtio-web
  93. 34 KB scalate-project_2.11 Scalate Project POM
  94. 33 KB Drools BOM (Bill Of Materials) Import this BOM in your dependencyManagement if you want to depend on multiple Drools artifacts.
  95. 33 KB Apache CXF Apache CXF is an open-source services framework that aids in the development of services using front-end programming APIs, like JAX-WS and JAX-RS.
  96. 33 KB scalate-project_2.10 Scalate Project POM
  97. 33 KB Apache Flume
  98. 33 KB Atom Atom is the world’s most advanced software platform for building complex applications and redefining what people can do without programming knowledge.
  99. 33 KB uPortal WAR The uPortal web application.
  100. 32 KB Cucumber-JVM

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